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Stop Loss Waiver Denied by 3 Star

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New member
Apr 30, 2002
Folks, just to let everyone know how the process for stop loss works in AETC, my waiver was denied. My Sqd/CC had a push note that reflected his concerns about overmanning in our squadron, my Wing commander recommended approval, my reserve squadron had a letter saying they needed me to accomplish wartime taskings ( not making slides for the OG like here at the school house), and all this did not convince the 3 star in AETC that I could leave. AETC/DP sent me a lame letter saying that "Although your AFSC is not overmanned, there are 109 Guardsman and 250 Reservists that have been activated." I have gotten no top leadership to tell me what the hell that means. I think it means that since my reserve squadron is not actually activated, that I will have to stick it out here for a while. My Squadron CC is going to try to resubmitt it again and we will see. The kicker is that one Tanker dude before me and one after me has had their waivers approved.
The only silver lining is that a SWA class date may not open up until later on this year or early next. At least that is the rumors I have heard, anyone else hear any SWA class date rumors??
I'm not AF, but here's what it means over at brand x: If your command has involuntarily recalled reservist to active duty, they can't be separating active duty members. While your particular squadron may not be undermanned, the three star is probably looking at the overall AETC situation. How can he justify the involuntary recall if he's letting guys go.
That's correct. It's a numbers game. They couldn't care less that your squadron's over-manned; as long as ONE Reservist in your AFSC has been activated, you're not going anywhere. It's a special bummer for AETC guys because you could be, say, a T-37 IP with a Strat Air background...and you're not going anywhere because of it.

I'm so disgusted with the whole thing I submitted a waiver request saying I'm despondent, apathetic, and angry, and that it wouldn't be in the AF's best interest to keep an officer with my attitude. I may be grounded, which may make my case that much stronger; we'll see.

So far, I've managed to piss the crap out of our Group CC (surprise, surprise). He says my request "is not politically correct," whatever that means, and he wants me to change my words to lessen their impact (not likely gonna happen since I WAS being honest).

I don't understand how these folks think they can put people's lives on hold over the internet ("Check our web site every two months!") while they play their numbers games, and expect you to smile while they give it to you in the rear.
I would immediately resubmit your waiver package. If there's one thing that I've learned from this fiasco is that it is VERY personality driven -- there is most likely a person at AETC/DP who REALLY makes the decision(I know there was at ACC/DP), and their recommendation is rubber stamped by the general. Sooo, if that key flesh-peddler got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning then you're screwed. Resubmit and the worst thing that can happen in that they say "No" a second time -- BFD; best case you'll be able to tell SWA when you're available and trough in the AFR until your class date.
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Stop Loss waiver

Just one more thing guys, I forgot to tell you this. Apparently when my package hit the 3 stars desk, it was just about the time that the AMC and AETC 4 stars were in a pissing contest over whether or not AETC could release AMC assets from AETC. So I figure my waiver was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This also happened to another buddy of mine.
I am going to resubmit. There is a big Wing Stop Loss pow wow/bitch session scheduled for Thursday. We will see if there is anything said there that will make sense of what folks at the Pentagon are thinking, and perhaps I can address that in the rewrite that goes up the chain.
Good luck! 7 Months into this thing, we've yet to hear anyone address stop-loss at our unit. It's nice to see someone at yours will at least make an effort to field your concerns/questions.
Let us know

I have not heard of any instance where leadership has addressed the stop loss issue. I'd sure be curious what y'alls has to say. Please pass along anything of interest. Its amazing at the deafening silence on this issue. I had to call MPF myself and find out that my waiver had been disapproved and had been on base for about 2 weeks and nobody bothered to tell me. I'm trying to keep a posotive attitude about all this, but they are doing their best to piss me off.
speaking of senior leadership, why were O-6's and above not affected by stoploss? Whatever happened to leading by example?
You're obviously not educated in the "Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do" leadership style. It became very popular among senior officers promoted during the previous administration.:rolleyes:


How are things at Keesler?

Please tell SMSGT Klube and Brenda I say "Hello" from North Georgia. Randy Y. called the other day on his way home from Chicago and gave me the latest scoop on things.

I wish you success!

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