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Stop Loss for AF types

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Bus Driver
Jan 13, 2002
For AF types who plan on getting out this year provided stop loss goes away....

I am an AF T-34 guy at a Navy base, so forgive me if I sound a bit confused, but here goes...anyone out there, besides myself, planning on separating this year? If so, what have you heard regarding establishing a DOS with stop loss. I am committed through 28 OCT 02 so I haven't let AFPC and others know my intentions. Obviously, I don't want to burn any bridges either way, but the time is drawing near and I am expecting orders soon for probable RNLTD of OCT. Don't know squat about 7 day opt, establishing DOS, turning down bonus, etc with stop loss still out there. Please... I don't want to open a discussion on loyalty, serving my country, etc...If the war escalates or if I feel I am truly needed in my MWS, then that is a different story...Thanks in advance for any help and insight for those in the same shoes.:confused:
Stop Loss


I was on terminal leave with an established retirement date of November 1, 2001. That has since been rescinded. Last week, I went to the MPF and put in paperwork for another retirement date. It's in the wickets now. You need to go to the AFPC website and get smart on the assignment stuff. It'll take about an hour and you'll have a handle on the process. The URL is: http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil and you can access it from your home computer, in case you don't know that already. Go to the "Retirementand Separations" section. Aso, talk to the Air Force personnel folks at your base. I hope there's an MPF at the Navy you're assigned. The AFPC folks need to man the slots and they'll tell you what you want to hear. And don't burn any bridges--there's nothing wrong with that.
Thanks for the advice. I have a jetBlue interview set up next month and just wanted to give them the most up-front and accurate availability date to put on my resumes. If (and that's a big "if"), I'm lucky enough to do well, and they question my availability, it looks like it will come down to
"Provided Stop Loss isn't in effect, my earliest available date is X"
Kinda sucks to be so vague, then again, I imagine they've encountered other AF types recently with a similar situation(?).

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