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Stop loss ending

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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Just got some inside info from the "Corona Conference" (the heavy hitters) that all AFSCs (AF specialty codes) are about to be released from stop loss 21 June except cops and Special Ops pilots/navs (just my luck). Gotta wonder how many guys are actually going to punch out given the current state of affairs in the industry...at any rate, get ready for another wave of pilots competing for available cockpits!
Well, I for one will definitely punch. Of course, in my unit, there aren't a lot of guys who wouldn't punch, in spite of the economy. We've been pretty blessed with a lot of job offers though; almost everyone waiting for stop-loss to end has at least one job offer.
To punch or not to punch...

Good question SOFHercDude. Currently I have a sep. date of Mar 03, (Jan 03 availability with terminal leave). The reserve unit I interviewed with doesn't forecast any openings for me for over a year--so there's my quandry.

Anyone recently familar with extensions to separation dates? How long can I nickel and dime AFPC? :confused:

Good luck to all future stop loss evacuees, if it happens...
Go to the AFPC website and click on the Retirements/Separations link on the left side of the page. They have full explanations plus links to the governing regs... but here's the short story -- you can extend your DOS for a total of 90 days (might be 180, but look it up to be sure) with no reason and without MAJCOM/AFPC approval, if my memory proves correct. However, in the current environment, I wouldn't be too keen on extending my DOS if I have a chance to get out and wanted to. You just never know when they might change their minds.

Reserve slots come open on short notice all the time and if stop-loss is ended, your prospective unit might have several slots available as the forecast for Reserve/Guard guys leaving is looking like a lot will be getting out, not wanting to risk activation again. I would keep current on their status, because it could change daily.

The best advice that I have received, from a Reserve 2star, is "be available". The best guy who can fill a slot right now will be the guy who gets the job. This also plays true for any civilian flying job.

Good Luck. Hope to see stop-loss lifted soon.
This is from the perspective of someone who already has a Guard slot, so judge it as you may. If you want to get out, I would say:

GET OUT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!! Who knows when we're going to invade Iraq? Talk to other Guard/Reserve units, get on their lists of "potentials." When I first talked to my future unit, they didn't forecast hiring at all due to Stop-Loss. I decided to put in a resume anyway to get on the list, planning on bugging them every month until I wore them down through aggravation. Less than two months later, the Chief of Training calls and tells me "Our manning document just changed. We need 10 more pilots. Can you come next month for an interview?" Just like the man said, you gotta be available. If that's what you want to do, do whatever you can to get it done.

That is all. Go with love.

Good info--thanks for the encouragement. I would like to think that the unit who has me "hired, but in the pool" is giving me worst-case scenario. I'm definitely not going to panic and do something drastic.

I bug them in person monthly--nothing like a 36 year-old man rushing a fraternity.

Hey Opie,

I agree with what you've read above very wholeheartedly. Git while the gittin' s good. If you are looking at other guard/ reserve slots I would suggest looking at some that don't get activated. I have a funny feeling we'll be in Iraq or some other terrorist harbour before long. Not that doing your patriotic duty is bad, but being in an activated unit is just like being stop-lossed as far as the airlines and training are concerned. I'm a T-1 Toad at Laughlin, and though it sucks commuting from BNA to DelHell once a month it is keeping my family fed while I play furlough dad. However, when SWA calls with a training slot (sooner better than later hopefully) I can pack up my non-activated self and get to Dallas with no strings attached. As far as slots in a unit - as soon as stop loss is gone I can guarantee you that there will be a minimum of one slot open in every unit in the country. Anyway, Good Luck and God Speed,

Yep, the AETC reserves is my goal. Hopefully see you in DLF next spring.

I'll buy a Crosby-rita for ya.

what airplane?

what are ya coming to, hopefully.

T-6's standing up or are you going to the dog whistle, white rocket or squat-hog?

we welcome you and with enough booze delrio is good.


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