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Stop loss ending

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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Just got some inside info from the "Corona Conference" (the heavy hitters) that all AFSCs (AF specialty codes) are about to be released from stop loss 21 June except cops and Special Ops pilots/navs (just my luck). Gotta wonder how many guys are actually going to punch out given the current state of affairs in the industry...at any rate, get ready for another wave of pilots competing for available cockpits!
What Cockpits?

There may be a wave of competition, but there sure aren't many cockpits (or flight decks for the PC crowd) available to compete for at this point in time. NWA just announced another 40 furloughs for Oct 1 and the announcement sure left me with the impression that there would be more. Delta is still furloughing and about the only majors hiring are SWA, FedEx, and UPS. This is not meant to be an all-encompassing list so don't take it that way. The point is, there may be another exodus on the way, but there aren't many places for them to go. Tough decision ahead. Get out now while the gettin's good...or stick around awhile with a paycheck and risk getting stuck in the next stop-loss. I'm sure glad I do not have to make that decision right now. Good Luck!
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Well, if you care to stoop so low as the regionals, that's where virtually all future growth in the near to mid term will be.
Like I said above, the list of operators hiring wasn't supposed to be all inclusive. Didn't intend on leaving out the regionals, commuters, RJs, or whatever else you want to call them...I just don't know which of them, if any, is hiring. Bottom line is...there isn't a whole lot of hiring going on right now and the competition for those few seats is stiff and will be even stiffer once the stop-loss is stopped. Good Luck!
I’m not military just a civvy and I don’t have any desire to go to a regional or the majors, my goal is a large fractional such as NetJets or a FT slot in a Fortune 500 flight department.

The market where I’m at (small jet charter op) is the same as everywhere else. I’m PT working 2 days a week occasionally 3, working the line PT to make ends meet. We just hired a new guy last month filling our only vacancy and he walked in with 3,000 TT and a Lear type with 1,000 time in type, he’s working PT like the rest of us hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Since I was hired in Aug of 2001 our hiring application minimums have stayed the same but the overall resume average has gone from around 2,000 with little to no jet time to something like 4,000 or 5,000 TT with a type rating from what our CP said last week.

If you have the time the fractionals are hiring somewhere around 5,000 TT, with a military background you would be an asset to any op IMHO.

Personally if I were you, I would sit it out, at least you are drawing a paycheck with benefits.

We’ve got a guy here whose wife just had a baby, she had health insurance, and he doesn’t. It didn’t cover all the hospital costs and he had to take two part-time jobs just to pay the bills. We took up a collection for them and even had other pilots, one’s we didn’t even know coming though the FBO dropping in five and ten bucks here and there.

It’s a bit on the rough side is all I’m saying, I can’t speak for anyone but myself and those I work with.

Good luck and keep the faith whatever you do.

Also thanks for serving this country a debt that folks like me will never be able to fully repay you for.


Just talked to an Air Force Dentist and he was released a couple of days ago. The funny thing is, I was just called back to active duty effective 1 July. Ive been retired for two years. Will be teaching new pilots at the school house . I have been told that Air Force and Army will recall 100 - 200 pilots each from the retired rolls and even more will come from the IRR. I guess if you are a pilot, your chances are less of getting it approved. But who knows. ;)

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