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Status of SWA Pool List..


Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Total Time
Hey Fellow Poolies..

A few notes about the list and to let you know where we are with it..

The list has almost doubled in the last few days..Im getting info from folks that have been refered to this board by others in the pool..I think thats a super way to build the data up..

As far as "I have a buddy" info..Im going to try to use as much of it as we can so as to allow the best picture of the pool..The buddy info will by "tagged" to the poolie that provided the info so as to allow a way to follow up with questions about their status..

Just a reminder..Try to send the info via the e-mail address on the pool list page..

Im guessing that the next update will come out around Friday Dec 21st..

And thanks again to all those working to send in the data..