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Starting Flight Lessons

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Mar 5, 2002
I am planning on starting flight lessons very soon? Would it be ok if I only did them once a week, and sometimes twice a week? Would that be good to get my training? Is there any info you could tell me about starting please tell me. THANKS
Vist the school or FBO you are considering doing your training at. If there is anything I've learned over the years and can pass on to you, MEET your instructor before you start taking lessons. Have a cup of coffee and "feel em out". Get an idea of their personality, see the schools aircraft, meeting rooms, etc

The best way to become proficient at flying is to do it as much as possible. I would recommend at the very minimum, two lessons a week, more if you can mamange this between school or work.

Why? Your skills will deterorate between lapses in lessons and you'll spend more time getting back up to par thus taking more time and costing more money.

Good Luck and have fun!
You might want to find out how long the flight instructor will be around......I went through three in the first half of my Private. They just moved on to freight runs and such. Just a suggestion............Good luck!
flying lessons

Personally, I think once a week is minimum and twice is better....if you can't afford once a week save up and do it when you can. Find a CFI you like, first of all. Secondly, like was mentioned before, it's nice if they will be around long enough to see you finish. Most CFI's are looking to move on, though, and you can't really hold that against them. It's really not fair to judge based on how long they have instructed or been at that school....sometimes you don't want the guy who's been there a long time if they haven't moved up the career ladder for a good reason. Some young, fresh CFI's are the best...it's just hard to tell. If you can find a retired professional pilot or one that is instructing for fun on the side....that could be a good bet.
Second the above posts about finding someone you can get along with and learn. I would say this is one of the more important factors in training.

If you schedule once a week you will fly once every two weeks. Schedule 3 a week and you will get in 2. Between maintence and weather I don't think I remember a single week during my Private that I flew all the flights I scheduled.

The more often you fly, the sooner you will get your license and the cheaper the flight lessons will be overall. I think the average student at my FBO had around 50 hours when they took their check rides. There were a few that had over 100 because they flew only 5 hours per month. I know most people are limited by what they can afford when it comes to the question of how often to fly. So, fly as much as you can afford and if that is 2-3 times a week then the training will be easier to pick up. If you can only afford once a week it just might take a little more time to become proficient enough to pass a checkride.

Either way, enjoy your first solo when the time comes and congratulations on your descision to learn to fly.
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Flying lessons

I second all of the above. You're starting what hopefully will be a great experience and adventure for you. I'd try to fly three times a week. You're going to be thrown a lot of new information and concepts and re-education for your motor skills. It takes a little time to absorb a block of unfamiliar learning.

Don't worry if you think you're taking too long to learn. Some people learn slower than others. It's not a bad thing at all if you learn slower. You may find that you will absorb everything like a sponge but then for a few flights you can't do anything right. You may have hit a plateau and that is no big deal at all. Once again, you need a chance to absorb all the new material. If you put forth your best effort you'll get there eventually. I know because I've trained a bunch of students.

Good luck and have fun with your lessons.
I flew 1-2 times per week when working on my private, but I wish I could have flown more to get done quicker. The closer together your lessons are, the faster you'll learn. I'd go weeks between lessons sometimes, then I'd end up re-learning everything from the previous lesson.

Good luck with your training. Remember that the CFI is working for YOU and not the other way around, so make sure you are compatable.

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