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Sea Plane Pilots Assoc
May 22, 2002
YEP, start our own air line how hard could it be , just need some venture capital IE. MONEY AND ONE BIG CREIDT LINE$$$$$$$$$$$

We have all the talient that is need rite on this board, would not have to look far for good applicants , Every one does want to go back to what they love to do and that is FLYING, Rite'

Lets see we would need planes, now? where could i pick up some planes cheap"um" ah yes at the storage center out west where they all are sitting going to waste .

Now what to tell the investors youn will become part of one of the hotest new start up airlines in history.

Here is what we tell the bank, part of some thing is better than nothing,and as long as thoses planes sit on the ground , and the companies can't make paying their dubt notes on time , well the banks are out the money , pluse interest............

create your own postion, or ACT AS IF.

thank youi

Thanks, just thinking ahead, thats how every one else got started.

they must have had an idea other wise there would not be so many airlines.

even PanAm has been trying to make a come back, they just bought 20 ual 727's and are in the process of setting them at KSFB, still painted UAL color's but that will cahnge:cool:
I hear ya!
Instead of putting up a couple of grand towards building some multitime or getting my MEI, I will put it and my 1000 hours of pattern work toward start up.
So we only need about 599 more people to get that type certificate and mabye a couple hundred more to put up for the airplanes.
Let's Rock and Roll fellas.

Thats what would happen , it grow just like a snow ball rolling down hill, more and more,

Iam willing to bet that we could pull 1,000 pilots from this site alone, does not include any other postions, Would be comprised of Capts,FO, FE, and other line personel.

Now the planes , what about the ones out west? are they for sale$$$$$ if so how much??? bank question.

next routes, which one are profitable than others,

First few that sign up get stock ownership in the new air line, also need a board of directors.

Lets see A NAME ????:D
airline name: "Pilot's Choice Airways" or "The Airline"

Planes.. are you kidding me.. for sale everywhere! Celcius Aerotech in BNA has an assortment of ATR's and SF340's for your regionals... Every airline has big steel for sale.. USAir is having a fire sale of their 100a/c's right now (F-100's, MD-80's, 737-200's)

Routes... I would say.. point to point w/mini hubs like SWA is the way to go. Avoid the NE USA, and stick w/cities that won't cause delays... just shadow a section of SWA's ops.. then grow. They need competition.. Kind of like Jet Blue is doing, but they are in the NE.. stay away form the congested NE..

I think you are ready to get started!
I know some Dash 8's will be available soon, just have to scrape that blue paint off.
so the snow ball grows

The names so far are pilots choice airline or the airline.

Lets see some thing a little more wild.

Check out this months addition of airliners mag, there is one in there called IRS Airlines, wow.;)

How About Southern Dixie Air.

Serving the south based in ATL, and for the paint jobs we have them painted after the southern generals and some battle scean

WE serve food no peanuts here real southern cooking.

so what do you think???:D
Sounds Great!! The pilots could all walk around with Leather jackets and Cowboy hats and we could have "Redneck" as our callsign. Don't forget the cowboy boots and the stiff upper lips or having an old school six shooters on the hip. The FA's could dress up like southern debutants' and we could have a special galley area in the back for, um, "service." Just my thoughts, don't wanna get too far ahead of ourselves here.


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