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star checker's - need info

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Jan 13, 2002
I was thinking of trying to get into Airnet and was wondering about a couple of things.

First, from reading their annual report it seems like they may be expanding westward, is this the case and if so any idea where.

Second, if a guy wants to fly extra for a bigger paycheck is this possible, twenty thousand a year is a bit of a pay cut for me.

Third, How is senoirity based within a ground school, i.e. flt. times or hire date???

Finally, looking for experiences with the company good or bad, advantages or disadvantages.

Thanks in advance, feel free to PM me. See ya

I know they have just added some props in the Texas area, but i have not heard of anything further west besides our existing runs.(we just added props to our existing bases) That doesn't mean we will not be moving west, it just means i have not heard anything... I would like to get my hands on our report to see what it says. We are adding aircraft all of the time now because of new contracts, including Federal reserve and now the DOD. This is what is fueling our current hiring trend which is nice... I always like to see that at least some of the pilots out there can fly again.

The base pay of 22K your first year is just that, base. It is a four day work week with you being home every day/night. Take a run with 5 days (rare now) and your pay will top 31K your first year. Take a floater position and make 40K+ your first year. Some of our runs have over time, so add that to the above amounts and that makes it even better.

Seniority is not assigned until you PASS ground school. A training slot means nothing really unless you make it through. Seniority is then assigned as you pass your checkride and nothing else. For example, the first in your class to pass has the highest seniority number and second gets the next spot and so on down the line.

As far as experiences go, nothing but great times here. No complaining passengers, nobody breathing down your neck, and most of the people here are really nice. (there are always those sour apples) :)

Look at the thread about "good airlines to work for", i wrote some more stuff there, also there are many other airnet based threads in the past, do a search on airnet and you will get many more answers to some of your questions.
Based on what I know about your schedules, it seems there could only be one pilot assigned to a base (prop bases, anyway). Is this the case? If so, what happens if you get sick?
As far as the number of pilots per base goes, it all depends on the number of runs at that location. For example, here in Jackson, yes there is only myself, but in Dallas, we have four props based there, so there are four pilots, and i believe a floater that is assigned DAL as a base. We do have more than one prop based at many of our locations, and the single ship bases are fewer than the multiple ones.

If someone gets sick, then the work is either charterred out or they try to figure out a way to get it on another route. The further you get from CMH the more likely they are to charter the work to any company that is close by. If you are fairly close to CMH they will try to get someone that might have a few hour layover somewhere to jump on over and fly parts of the route and then get the next layover person to do another part. Dispatch in CMH is really good at sending layover pilots out to do stuff like that... it was common for guys up there to start their run and break in the middle to do someone else's run, while they had another person finish the first pilots run.(that's why they are the dispatch guys and not me) This is also why i stay as far away from CMH as possible... I like to have the ease of showing up and knowing that my run is the same, and i will always be home at the same time.
airnet bases in tx

does airnet have other prop bases in tx other than dallas
It doesn't look like it. www.airnet.com for more info. Go to careers then FAQ's. It won't let me post the list right.
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We have 3 based in DAL right now with at least 1 more coming within the next week or so. We also just started 1 prop out of HOU. I have heard rumors that 1 of the DAL props could move to SHV (shreveport, LA) but no definate plans right now.
My fifth night just dissappeared as most are starting to do, so if you want the extra dough, figure on the floater spot. Most likely you float out of CMH or BDL the way things look now. Good luck if you're married or want a social life though.
I do not work for AirNet, but I did interview there about 8 months ago. From the interview and talking to their pilots it seems like a good place to work at. I fly out of MKE and I use to talk to the AirNet guys every evening when I was flying checks in our 207, but now I am over at the UPS ramp so I don't get to see those guys anymore. In MKE there are 2 pilots there and they have 3 airplanes up in MKE, a Barron, 310 and Caravan. One guy flyes the 310 four nights a week, but he has something like a 12-14 hour duty day and flyes something like 7+ hours a night. The other guys flyes the Barron Monday through Thursday night and on Sunday nights flyes the Caravan. From talking to them it seems like they really like AirNet and the job in general. If you want some info on the interview I will let you know what I remember.

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