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Standard Call-Outs

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Gold Member I love Gooold
Nov 28, 2001
Happy Holidays to everyone,

Could anyone that has been through the Ground school portion of training please assist me by sharing with me some of the Standard Call Outs taught in ground school. I am trying to prepare myself for an interview....whenever that happens, but i would like to have some good techniques down before I get there. Thank you so much for your help. And Good Luck to everyone out there waiting for an interview......

You can email me the information if you'd lke.
[email protected]
Thanks again, Henry
There really isn't such a thing as "standard" calls amongst the airlines. You'll find that calls vary by airline and then by aircraft type. A few we have that are kind of standard are:

1. Altitude ( i.e. 7000 for 8000, FL 240 for FL 230, etc.)
2. Height above DH or MDA (1000, 500, 200, 100, MDA)
3. Vref calls < 200ft AGL (ref +10, ref +5, Vref, etc.)

Probably others but I can't think of them right now. Hope this helps.
here are a few we use at airmidwest on the be1900:
when climbing or descending to a new assigned altitude: '500 feet"
when breaking out on the approach :"NFP: runway in sight 12 o'clock" FP:"going visual"
also NFP calls out any significant airspeed/altitude deviations. If you're the FP, reply "correcting"
hope it helps
T/O Roll: "airspeed alive", "pwr set", "80 kt cross-check", "v1", "vr", "positive rate", "v2", "gear intransit-gearup-lights out", "400 ft"

Approach: when at minimums and airport not in sight the PNF says "minimums, apt not-in-sight, go missed"

When approach threshold: "Ref + 10, Ref +5, Ref, and so on"

I don't even want to get into when to call for certain checklists.

Hope this helps a bit!