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Spousing part 2

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from the gang at home
Feb 23, 2002
I got the call that SWA sent a great note at how nice it was to meet him, but second try down. In a couple of years, three is the charm.

I am finally falling apart. Some of you have caught on that this is a team game and for the ones who don't get it, I just want to vent here.

My guy is hurting. After months of resumes, a lot of phone calls a few chats with chief pilots, but no real offers, this interview was the one thing that reinforced how much he loved this business.
Thanks to the really real people in this chat, the time since Feb 20 and the DB has felt safe... for me. He is out there being MR. Macho, just "be cool, girlfriend, it'll be fine..." and he has no idea how HARD it is to BE COOL.

I have one thing going for me. If you have a pilot and he is flying and gone and you can love it YOU HAVE THE STUFF.... If you have a pilot and he is HOME all the time, MOVE OUT.

My guy has an incredible ability to let time pass. He can eat at buffets, workout in the hotel gym, sleep in the office if the boss is cheap and the perdiem can be put to better use. This guy doesn't care how long the legs are as long as he gets to come home in a jet. (HECK, he wouldn't mind a turbo right now.... props?.... well freezing sims are ok....) I just love that!!!

This is a business of passion. Ward Cleavers in blue jacket with stripes look good, but these men of ours are wild in there! (Gal flyers, I assume you are equipt with a wider corpus colosum and MAY know when a good crying jag is in order, but I do NOT negate that you may be maniacs too, so please do not be offended.) But try to give us a break!

We stopped co-residing during a rather ugly period where he forgot exactly what home meant and we are much better mates with the distance. I have my passions and he has his and that makes for a very full house. We have a connection that is completely screwy from the outside but too deep to discount.

I got to be the one that grew up. He gets to be the kid. But I also am the one in charge of the emoting. He can kick a wall now and then and he has a clear perspective on "WHAT WENT WRONG" but I feel like twisting his head around today and shoving it into the future saying "OK, GET OVER IT"

I am about to volunteer for an evening of snuggling that I really am too tense to snuggle about, listening to each and every possible mess up he did, they did, the references did, the GODS did.... and I will never get to tell him I would rather he just cried.

For the girls out there that expect normal behavour: THEY come first. It is a hard job but a fun job. They feel pretty special and we better agree. If they go out there and do it for us, the coming home is THE BEST!

The only way to get through it is to make sure YOU have a really good life, with him or without him, because there is no telling what will happen next.

(This REALLY means I wish I loved a car salesman..... but...)

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Do a search on "flyboysgal" and you'll see. She's been positng a-lot this past week.
...Oh, I thought I was famous!

I have been representing the better half at home this week for the guys chewing their nails about calls vs. letters at SWA.

I got some interesting private messages from great pilots, and frantic wives and the whole gammut of experiences. I just wanted to put in $.02 about how dissappointment trickles down. Just to reminds some of the guys and the gals, the disappointment is a team effort too.

Sorry. I am going to recommend joining this sort of forum for anyone with a question and no one to ask. Because my guy is out of the loop, and still looking for a job, there is no community for him to network in.

When his egos simmers, I will impart the really heartfelt encouragement and info I have been hearing in here. It is a for real community, and except for the beers, much like the talk he would hear on the ramps down at the airport, but a much wider geographical and experience range than he can tap into, just hanging around.

Thanks again for the ones who were tuned into the saga.

I have lots more questions. I know I can start here.
Ok, i actually "got" this post. Appreciate the view from the other side. I give all the credit to my better half. He helped me in so many ways get to where i am and is an absolute trooper. It takes a great man or woman to be at home while we are out flying our glorious birds through the beautiful sky as we experience the rising sun. I don't care how many windows your office has that overlooks the city, your view will never compare to mine. I actually feel guilty at times that i have the best job in the world. So, cheers to those who wait days, sometimes weeks, for our return, listen to our piddly complaints about our hell trip to the bahamas...ha..., and support us in our passion.

Times will get better, promise.


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