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Split Decision for Stop Loss?

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Mar 28, 2002
Anybody have experience with a Sq CC approval, and Group CC disapproval for a Stop Loss waiver? I am caught in this situation, and looking for any intel. Package is at the Wing, so unknown on his call, but I fear bad news.

Picking sand out of every orifice and waiting. . .
From what we've been told by our OG/CC, it doesn't matter if its approved or disapproved until it hits the very top (AMC, ACC, or what have you). The CC there has the final say. According to our OG/CC, AMC is telling the units that if you circle the "non-mission essential" block(the only real way they would release you in these times), then you will likely be sent TDY to do duty where you are essential(i.e. pushing papers). You can't win for losing with that philosophy.

Have been 'briefed' lately with that scenarion by OG as well, I don't believe that dog will hunt. . . here is a FAQ from Stop Loss Homepage. . .

Question: Officer separations have been changed to indefinite because of Stop Loss. What does this mean in terms of assignments?
Answer: Individuals who had an approved separation/retirement on file are not eligible for PCS. These members will have an Assignment Control Flag placed on their record which will pull them out of the PCS eligibility pool.

The way I read that is waiver approval = separation approval = not eligible for PCS. Am digging into this via MPF though. Possible scare tactic???
excellent point, Pinion. The catch, of course, is that you must have an approved separation date already (before stop-loss went into effect). Your Sq CC's approval of your waiver request doesn't constitute an approved separation date though.

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