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Spirit Load?

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Well-known member
Jul 28, 2005
Looking for some insight on loads.

PM is fine, don't need everyone in the world knowing.


Can you see a trend?
319 or 320?
Thanks in advance.
Last edited:
319 = 145 + 2 Jump
320 = 178 + 1 Jump
321 = 218 + 2 Jump

No 320's on property yet, supposedly Feb or March. I will check loads for you as we get a bit closer to that departure, right now it won't matter, it changes quite a bit until the day or two before.
Speaking of:

Jump seating to the st Thomas on you guys in feb- it's u.s. Territory - but does it work like any domestic request?
Just dotting my t's here

I was going to try FLL-Nassau in Feb on Spirit. I work for SkyWest - Is the jumpseat free or do you know if we pay a tax or zed fare? Thanks in advance.
It's free, just pay any international taxes at the counter. Easy and quick flight. St. Thomas only runs once a week, so check it out, and yes its free, its jumpseating.
Any new jumpseating requirements to the islands since the Christmas incident? We've been getting bulletins
thx guys- looking forward to flying you guys

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