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Spirit - IT'S ON !

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Whine Lover

Well-known member
Jun 19, 2005

Pilots at Spirit Airlines Inc. on Saturday launched a strike after the failure of last-minute talks to defuse a dispute that already had grounded some flights, according to union representatives.
Flight crew at the low-cost U.S. carrier started the indefinite action after twice extending a deadline during overnight talks, according to the Air Line Pilots Association, International.
The Florida airline already had canceled some weekend flights in anticipation of industrial action, while talks continued to avert the first strike at a U.S. carrier in five years.
"Immediately after 5 a.m., the Spirit Pilot Master Executive Council, as authorized by our pilots, called for and instituted a lawful strike against our management," said a statement from Capt. Sean Creed, head of the Spirit unit of ALPA. The union said the flight crew "will not return to the cockpit until a fair and equitable contract is negotiated."
Spirit offered no immediate comment.
Wow. I'm still partly surprised it actaully went this far.

Good luck guys.

You are still welcome on JB flights...as far as I heard. CASS should still be good too.
Good Luck Guys. It's nice to see people stand up for themselves. I predict this will be short lived, so hang in there...

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Dirtbag AirTran management has rescinded the reciprocal jumpseat agreement with Spirit pilots. AirTran ALPA has preemptively set up a buddy pass donation program where Spirit pilots can ride on our planes using employee buddy passes. If any Spirit pilots are stuck and need to fly on AirTran call our Jumpseat chairmen.

Chris Deimler, Chairman
[email protected]

Andrew Oliphant, Vice Chairman
ATN MEC JSC Vice-Chair
[email protected]

Mark Orzell
ATN MEC JSC member
[email protected]
Believe it or not, but Republic is extending CASS to Spirit pilots...

Good luck guys, hopefuly RAH isn't too far behind.
F'n Airtran MGT. Dont they know that throwing Gas on a fire makes it spread? Its got to be getting hot in MCO. I donated a pass and hope this is resolved soon.

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