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Spirit Commuters

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Well-known member
Apr 10, 2005
Spirit Strikers.....

Delta MEC and Delta (The Airline) supports your jumpseat availability.......

Delta MEC Communications Committee Chairman on Saturday, June 12, 2010 with​

The pilots of Spirit Airlines are now on strike.​
As the expiration of the 30-day cooling off period for Spirit Airlines
approached the midnight deadline last evening, negotiations were extended for five hours. The extension came at the
request of the National Mediation Board. The additional bargaining time failed to result in an agreement, and at
approximately 5 a.m. EDT this morning, the Spirit pilot leadership made the decision to lawfully withdraw their services
after nearly four years of contract negotiations.
Delta management has agreed to allow Spirit pilots continued access to Delta jumpseats, which includes the flowback
provision if Spirit management attempts to remove CASS eligibility. Striking Spirit pilots need our assistance, and we
encourage Delta pilots to professionally assist Spirit pilots in any way possible if you encounter them at the gate
attempting to jumpseat.
We will issue additional Code-A-Phone messages as the situation dictates.

That’s all for now.
ExpressJet is offering you guys a priority boarding over other off line guys.
At Eagle you won't need CASS to be able to get a seat in the back. Don't take "no" for an answer from a gate agent.
It's been mentioned elsewhere, but JetBlue has explicitly stated that our reciprocal jumpseat agreement is still in effect, business as usual including CASS jumpseat access, for at least 30 days. If Spirit management turns off CASS, we'll still take Spirit pilots in cabin seats or jumpseats. We'll carry Spirit FA's too.
Mesaba also (our memo was a copy of the Delta agreement with the added line that we are taking the same policy) Welcome aboard
United is denying you a ride

UAL offering Jumpseats too
In an effort to help our brother and sister ALPA pilots at Spirit, the UAL MEC and United Flight Operations will be extending cockpit jumpseats (as long as Spirit pilots are accessible in CASS) to the striking pilots for 72 hours. This should assist them in any immediate travel related needs. The striking Spirit pilots will also be entitled to cabin jumpseats immediately and for the foreseeable future (CASS not required.) We all hope for a speedy resolution to this situation and we stand ready to help the Spirit pilots as best we can regardless of the circumstances. Our Brothers and Sisters need our support. Please extend all appropriate courtesies to any striking Spirit pilots you may encounter.

The UALMEC Strike Preparedness Committee

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