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Spirit Airlines

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Active member
Dec 15, 2001
Hi guy's...........anyone know anything about Spirit Airlines in Miramar-Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

Training contract/bond, 1st year pay, equipment, routes, Chief pilots/Dir of Ops. names, fax numbers, hiring requirements. etc.

any reply will be most appreciated.

The company was started in the Detroit (actually St. Clair Shores area) by a business man a few years back. I think for tax purposes the HQ are in Florida.

The Chief Pilot (I believe) is still at DTW.

Low Fare competitor and offers an alternative to NWA in the DTW market.
Hq is in Miramar, Jim Thompson is chief pilot. The crew bases are DTW,FLL and ACY. ACY is downsizing however.
Fleet is all MD-80s and a couple of DC-9s that are mostly used for charter. Plans are for the company to continue to grow. Rumors about transitioning fleet to airbus. The airline bounced back well from 9/11.
Currently in last year of contract. First year pay you will make around 30,000. It is possible to make more if you hold a line early and pick up a couple trips a month.
Not a bad place to work. Airline has alot of potential.
Spirit Hiring

Hey Milo,

What do you hear about hiring plans?

I've spoken with Aggie in HR, she tells me all the furloughs are back on the property and the company will be interviewing soon.

Any lounge rumors regarding hiring? When? How many?
The CO will start the interview process this month, we just received two US AIR md83 and we are starting the west coast in may.
If you get some overtime salary can double.
Hey Frenchy !

Are you french ? You work for Spirit ?

Anyway, I have about 1200 hours in the MD-80, right seat, plus training at a major airline. I sent my resume to Spirit via snail mail... Any tip to have the resume floating in the right pile ?

Thanks in advance ! Merci l'ami,

I submitted a resume last week and received a reply via email stating that their mimimums have increased to 4500 TT.

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