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Spirit Airlines to charge $30-45 for carry-ons?

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just read it and you beat me to posting

this has got to be the stupides F'n think ive ever heard of--- guess they are getting desperate to pay the pilots with their new contract.



Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza said having fewer carry-on bags will help empty the plane faster. He said the idea is to get customers to pay for individual things they want, while keeping the base fare low.
"The beauty of it is they will do what they think is best for them and will now have the choice," he said.

Yep, another winner in the land of airline management!
If true, my extended family and I will do anything we can to AVOID traveling on Spirit. Tell Benny Baldonza to s*ck it...
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Tactic to push the pilots over the edge? It's not a publicly traded company, but can Baldonza take his money and run?

It's an April Fools Day joke...they can't do anything on time anymore... ;)
Is there any airline that does this? maybe some ultra low cost airline on the other side of the Atlantic?
Actually the airlines have had it all wrong. They should charge for carry ons and make the checked bags free. Then nobody would bring their junk on the planes and it would be easy to get on and off.
this is a case of an MBA grad being so deluded as to think incremental revenue growth is better than long term customer retention... customers have a point when they say F'it. when the sales fall off , they'll be forced to do a mia copa, and come begging. it's over the edge on this for me. bad move
As a consumer, I agree - this is a horrible idea. But from a business standpoint it appears to me that the genie is now out of the bottle. Next up? I think it will be AA. Every S80 I've been on lately (and I ride on too many of them) have had packed overheads. The FA's are telling everyone to please quickly stow their baggage to allow for an on-time departure, while at the same time you have people swimming upstream in the aisle to get their bag checked at the jetway. Offer discounted pricing to check the bag underneath; charge a premium for overhead space (those who hold status will continue to avoid the charge); space and boarding problem fixed. And the rest will soon follow.

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