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Space Camp...

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Thrust Master

520 Club President
Sep 13, 2003
Hey everyone, this is definitely astray from everything
that has been posted here lately.

DOOM & GLOOM..............

Personally I'd like to meet those two little SOB's
and put a bit of WHOOP Arss into those maties.

Anywho; as me wife's says.(Yes she is from WI)

I just returned from Huntsville AL; with my 8 year old daughter.
Together we spent 6 days in Space Camp together. Awesome time
together. They have a program that is incredible. Extremely educational
and nothing but pure fun and educational for kids and adults.

This is better than a (E ticket at Disneyland) or a Blooow Job from a
F/A. (Male or Female, you have to politically correct)

Check out the web site. It is not cheap, nor outrageous.

If you have children. This is money very well spent....

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Will they teach TAZ MAN to fly??
Space Camp is a good experience for most kids and I will say that I did enjoy working there. I have actually run into some of my former campers and most people have fond memories. I wonder how many guys (and girls) on this board came through Avaition Challenge back in the early 90's? If you did then you probably saw me.
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180ToTheMarker said:
Beware of Thermal Curtain Failure. Remember, Jinx put Max in space!

Dude, very nice obscure reference. LMAO!!!!
Aviation Challenge...I'm trying to think...1994? The Red Rippers...I dug out my old shirt to be sure.
I had a blast there. My brother and sister (both younger) went to different levels of spacecamp while my dad went and played golf for the week.

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