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Southwest Pilots VOTE NO!!!


no place like home ...
Apr 27, 2006
Total Time
Fellow Pilots,

The vote results for the Tentative Agreement/Dues-Free Retro ballot are listed below:
Select one of the following choices to either accept or reject the Tentative Agreement:

Accept = 49.16 percent, 2774 members
Reject = 50.84 percent, 2869 members

If a new CBA is ratified, is it your desire that SWAPA exempt retro pay, back pay and signing bonus compensation from dues assessment?

Yes = 73.09 percent, 4094 members
No = 26.91 percent, 1507 members

Voter turnout on the TA/Dues-Free Retro ballot overall was 95.9percent (5649) out of 5890 eligible voters. For complete election results by base/seat, click here.