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Southwest Pilots get a pay raise.

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Sep 16, 2004

After patiently waiting for the financial tide to turn, today's quarterly earnings report offers good news for our pilots and for our Company. As a result of the pilot group taking a leadership role by assuming the risk of tying raises to the Company's profitability, SWAPA pilots have earned a 3 percent raise for 2010. This will increase the trip rate of our 12-year Captains by more than $5 per trip, and will increase the trip rate of our five-year First Officers by nearly $4 per trip.

Both the fact that we've earned this raise and the size of the raise (the maximum possible in our contract) makes it clear that sharing in the success with the Company can benefit both our pilots and our Company. We hope this positive announcement from the Company signals an end to difficult times and can look forward to a growth-filled future ahead.

While other work groups are getting zero to 1 percent, our adjusted operating margin metric has provided us the maximum 3 percent and this result is due to our collaborative work with the Company when we formulated our profitability-based raise metrics.

I would like to congratulate both the Company and our pilots for this great quarter.

Below are our updated pay rates effective September 1. These rates are planned to be reflected in your November 20 paycheck and retro pay will be calculated from September 1.
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Congrats! Always good to hear that someone is getting a pay raise in this industry.

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