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Southwest Jumpseat

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Does anyone have any info on the southwest jumpseat policy post 9-11. Does there have to be available seats in the cabin? Thanks in advance.
WN jumpseat

from talking to various gate agents and captains southwest now limits the number of jumpers to 1 or 2 depending on the number of jumpseaters on the aircraft. since no offline jumpseaters are allowed to sit in the cockpit, there must be an open seat in the cabin.

realistically, i have jumped on flights with more jumpseaters than technically allowed by what i just described above. i guess it just depends on the mood of the gate agents and captains or whether or not they are spooled up on the official policy.

additionally, you must "list" yourself via their non-rev hotline beforehand. the number is 866-359-7967.
I was just told from a gate agent that they could cary as many as there were empty seats in the back.

as i said, it seems they are not all on the same sheet of music or something. i last jumped friday afternoon and the captain said it was limited to the number of jumpseats on the acft. however, he took more.

of course, you won't find me saying anything to an agent like the one you dealt with lr25!
Does anyone know if Southwest allows 135 pilots to jumpseat (ie. hitch a ride in an empty seat in the cabin)? Is there a policy on this, or is just a matter of speaking with the gate agent and/or captain? Last time I called, I was told that they did not accept any offline pilots at all.
Well, the company I used to fly for had a privilages on Southwest. Since the 9/11 event, all 135 outfits have seemed to have got their privilages revoked. As to date, my "old" company has tried to get them back to no avail.

I would talk to the jumpseat coordinator for SWA in DAL or whoever handles that sort of stuff.

Hopefully, a SWA dude can fill in here and help out better.


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