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Southwest Interview- Tour?

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Ladies and Gents

I was told by Lindsey that after my interview there will be a tour of the Training Center with the Chief Pilot. Is this new? Is it fair to assume that this is an extension of the interview? Any info would be appreciated.

Little Duece,

Yes, this is a normal event during the interview. I suppose that your interview is 8am group. After your group finishes you will get together with the afternoon group of folks and the chief pilot will take you on a tour of the complex. Great time to ask some questions and see what HQ is all about. It is really impressive, make sure you stick around for it..

I wouldn't consider the tour a part of the interview (it is optional), but on the other hand I wouldn't go doing anything that might make the chief pilot remember you for the worse.

On the day of my tour (a Tuesday), a large group of employees were having a luau in the building. Hawaiian shirts, lei's, fake palm trees, the works. Of course they got a big kick out of pointing out how out of uniform we were in our interview suits!

Don't miss the tour. It's a great opportunity to get more of a feel for the company, and to ask any questions you might have.

I wouldn't exactly call it an extension of the interview, but I would highly recommend you hang around for it. Expressing as much interest as possible in the entire Southwest Airlines operation certainly can't hurt. It's an interesting tour but I thought maybe a llittle longer than necessary. Of course I did everything possible to look interested at all times and smile as much as possible. I would recommend doing that from the first moment you approach ANY SWA employee until you get home. Good Luck!
Hi folks,

The tour was really enjoyable as far as I was concerned...SWA really is a truly cool company! It is not something to be paranoid about, but it is a good opportunity to learn about the company. I do think it gives you a chance to chat with a chief pilot and show interest. Chances are also, that the tour guide does have a chair at hiring board. Just try to relax, BE YOURSELF, and have fun. They are really supportive, friendly people who are just trying to get to know you.

Best of luck

VeeOneRot8 :)
Southwest does what very few airlines do...they try to sell you themselves. They approach it as if they are being interviewed and they are trying to help you make a decision. Show you the big picture!

By-the-way, I had to leave like 1/2 way through the tour to catch a plane, they still hired me.
If given a chance to choose i would choose to do the interview AFTER the tour..

Gives you a chance to warm up prior to the interview.
Gives you a chance to get the feel of the people there.
Gives you a chance to get some last minute insight.
Gives you a chance to see and be seen prior to the interview..

If people are going to be watching you the whole time why not take advantage of that fact?


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