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Southwest call for interview

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
For those interested I got a call for February interviews today from Lindsey.

The 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th were availible.

Sent in the App on October 18, 2001.

I already have the Type Rating with 350 hours in the 300/400 .

Good Luck all!
Seems a bit long from when you put your app in (with type). I'm getting my type on the 14th and will put my app in when I get done. Do you think it will be over 2 months until I get the call or was yours so long because of 9/11 and the slowdown in hiring? I was under the impression that you normally get a call within a month if you have the type. Maybe I was misinformed.
I put my app in with type end of june, received call in August and Interviewed Sept 10. I would think that 9/11 postponed everybody. Good Luck
Just my .02c

For what it’s worth, I would NOT wait for the type to submit your application.

From what I understand the different piles of apps are sorted by date of original application. So, If you apply now, and update when you get your type, then you wouldn’t have to start out at the bottom of the type rated stack.

Again- that’s only the way that I understand it.

Good luck.

Another swimmer.
Hey I speak with a southern drawl, have a 450 SSN, raised in Dallas, a degree, and 6000 hours in helicopters...think SWA would hire me... Oh never mind LOL guess I'll always be just a corporate pilot.

Congrats to all you guys getting on with the creme de la creme...

SWA saved my career by allowing me to jumpseat eons ago, even though we had no agreements. They'll never buy a beer with me at the table.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, I like beer to my resume, and margaritas...y'all

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