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Southern Louisiana...


Aug 5, 2008
Hello all,

I have been monitoring this forum for a little while, as I have a great interest in aviation. A portion of my family lives in Houma, Louisiana, which took on hevy damage from Hurricane Gustav, with our family business also being located there. We have evacuated to Chicago (where the rest of the family lives). We would like to try to get down there sometime Sunday to assess any damage and check on the well being of our cats and leave the same day, as there is a dusk to dawn curfew and staying overnight is uncomfortable at best and potentially dangerous. To do this commercially would give us a window of less than 2 hours if we are lucky to take care of these tasks. I was wondering if you folks could recommend where to look as far as getting a group of about 8 people and some supplies into town and out on the same day to take care of the house, business, and bring needed items to relatives and neighbors.

Thank you.