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Southern Air

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2002
I stumbled across a company called Southern Air. Their web site no workie. Humm.

What's the word on them?
Flew L-100 (C-130 Hercules civil variant) and 747's flying cargo. Went bankrupt about 2-3 years ago I think.
I agree with Race Pilot that they went bankrupt;
HOWEVER They appear to be around in some form as I stll see some of their 74s in places like MIA and South America- I was in Bogota one night and saw like 3 74s. Maybe they were Chap 11 and trying to reorganize.
SA is apparently alive and well- their office is in Columbus, OH. You can see some pics of their aircraft from a few months back at airliners.net and also read a little about them at pprune.org- go to freight dogs. I believe they have a class of 12 or 13 going right now. I have a friend from the old SAT who flew 47's up until '97 for the old SAT and can't believe that there is now a SA (without the T).

That's all I know.

Saw this....hope it's ok to post this on this board. If not, I guess someone will let me know about it soon enough.


Southern Air
Company Information
Date: June 25,2002
Contact Name: Judy Ackley
Address: 67 Glover Ave
City: Norwalk
State: CT
Zip: 06580

Country: USA

Fax: 203-847-9612
E-mail: [email protected]
Job Information

Pilot Positions -
Southern Air, a premier FAA 121 Air Carrier, currently operating ACMI all cargo operations with 3 B747-200 aircraft is accepting resumes for Pilot positions. Candidate requirements include: Comm., Instrument, 3000 Hours TT, 500 Hours in large group II transport aircraft, ATP written, 1st class FAA medical, valid U.S. passport. Southern Air offers highly competitive compensation and benefit packages, including 401K. If interested please submit your resume to:

Southern Air, Inc. Attention: Human Resources 67 Glover Avenue Norwalk, CT 06850

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: 203-847-9612

(No Phone Calls Please)

Southern Air planes out of LAX are flying under a CATHAY CARGO call sign. Whatever that means.

I think that means CX needs to buy more airplanes and hire more pilots.
In regards to using cx callsign- that is pretty common under acmi. We do that mostly ourselves and use the callsign of the company we are sub-servicing for.

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