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Southern Air Recalling?

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Southern 777s

How soon are we going to be able to see those Southern 777s? What are the initial routes? I had read that Southern won a contract to support Thai Airways - will that include flights back into the US or will the flights mainly serve intra-Asia and Europe?

Will Southern get more than the original two 777s by the end of 2010?
Southern first two B-777 will be here 3-8 of FEB 2010. talks about 10 total 777 over the next few years. (we will see). I'm not sure about the routes. heard Bkk EU BKK USA, we should know in the next few weeks.
I fly 15 days on, 6 days off for Kalitta on the charter side, and it *IS* rough if you have a wife and kids. (Lost said wife as a direct result of said schedule).

18/12 is what the Charters II guys fly on the 727 and DC-9, a 50% increase in time off at home a month but still only 12 days off after over 2 weeks at work.

7/7 or even 8/6 would be my comfort level with a schedule having a family. If you don't have a family, and like being on the road all the time, the 777 would likely be a great aircraft to fly!

Good luck to those who are applying... They'll be at the Aeroservice Career Fair recruiting in Miami on Jan 23rd, along with a bunch of other operators (all with about the same schedule, unfortunately).

p.s. Is Greg still the CP at SA?

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