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Southern Air Recalling?

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Colonel Savage

Southern style...
Mar 11, 2008
Is it true? Heard a class starts on Monday?

Talked to a friend yesterday that was furloughed there and he had just finished requaling. Sounds like 777 classes start in Oct at SA.
Talked to a friend yesterday that was furloughed there and he had just finished requaling. Sounds like 777 classes start in Oct at SA.

How are things on the LCF, SF? Are you guys flying much?
What does the 777 delivery rate look like? How many 777s will actually replace older 747s?

Also, what is the typical schedule like for SA pilots? Is it still something like 18 days out at a time?
Everyone (including the furloughed FE's) that wanted to return has done so, many of the furloughed (or vol leave) pilots and FE's have completed refresher training in MIA, and are online and on the road already. (or soon will be)

Basically there has been a pickup in flying at the same time as the company ramps up for B777 training. An equipment bid was processed, and the first 777F class starts in Oct. Additional classes are planned for DEC. Right now there are also about 4 pilots in 747 upgrade...

Right now our scheduled flying is with Korean Air. Everything else is ADHOC. This ranges from DOD/Military flying worldwide to Euro/African to Middle East contracts. We have stopped most of our South American flying for the time being.

The latest word on B777F deliveries is two arrivals in the first part of this coming year. The new aircraft will be used for scheduled contracts for unannounced customers. The Equipment bid has created a lot of movement on the Seniority List, so the recalls were needed to cover the load.

Without speculating too much, the Company appears to want to bring all of it's current fleet back online, and then add a few new 777's this coming year. New Hire Classes have not been announced, but it is obviously not a huge stretch of the imagination to foresee some hiring in the near future.

But be forewarned. There is cargo flying out there to be had, but it is not the "walk in the park" scheduled flying, it is almost all ADHOC. What this means is that you essentially work a reserve line, and have your trips assigned to you as you go. You really don't know where or when you will be flying, and last minute changes are commonplace.

Schedules usually range between 16-18 days on right now (home basing with travel to/from during days on), as the Company is still trying to keep most Aircrew under our 60 hour Pay Guarantee, and keeping us out for the full 20 days would incur trip rig pay over the guarantee. But if a trip pops up and they need it covered, then you might have to wait a bit to return home.

So in a nutshell, Southern might be hiring in the near future. But it will be a crazy year with the new aircraft, so if you are inflexible or do not adapt well to change, then it is not the Airline for you.

Southern Air is a supplemental cargo carrier, flying mostly international Adhoc to a myriad of locations. They are also in a growth phase bringing on a brand new fleet type at the same time. This might not be every pilot's "cup of tea", but others can make it work.

Hope this info helps.
The 777Fs sound like they will be very popular, and a great airplane to fly.
Just wondering from the ACMI or adhoc market, will the customers pay enough to cover the cost? I am guessing this must have a lease rate well over a million a month? This is probably ok for scheduled cargo but find this probably too expensive for adhoc?
We have been told that the B777F's will be used for scheduled service, each one assigned to a specific customer.

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