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South FL Arrivals?

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Well-known member
Sep 25, 2004
Anyone know why most of the arrival routes into South Florida were changed? All the AR routes out of Dixon were also changed. Seems like the feds were just adding some routes. Any ideas?
Is it just me or are others getting turned in south FL so that slower airliners can get in front? For the last 6 weeks it happens every trip. I know it's not poor airspeed control on my part and we have flown this route for several years. Usually on the FORTL4 it's right turn, slow to 280, then when two 37's get in front of me it's back on course. Sometimes I feel that the Govt. just don't want us (business aircraft) at FLL.
Are others seeing the same?

Havn't really noticed that, Headwind, but we do most of our work intp PBI, which, as you know, is mostly general aviation.

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