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Sony PSP Questions

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great cornholio

Are you threatening me??
Jul 28, 2003
Just upgraded and Im gonna be on reserve and deadheading everywhere for the next year. With that in mind I think its time I get a PSP or an Ipod or something like that. I have some questions about the psp such as battery life, can you play MP3s on a PSP? If so do you need to buy a different cord to hook up to your computer to get the songs? Does the PSP make it thru security without them making you take it out? I guess the overall question is is the PSP worth it or should I go cheap and just get an Ipod?

Great Cornholio
Please god, no matter what you end up doing, get a pair of headsets so that everyone else on the airplane doesn't have to hear it!
believe it or not I think there is a post on the PSP somewhere on this board. try a search. But i do remember reading that the battery life was really good, like 6 hours or so.
Battery life on the PSP depends on the game you are playing and/or if you're watching a movie. I'm told the battery life could be better for watching movies (only around 2 hrs +/-) but that varies. Additionally, there are many external devices that can extend battery life, and some have external speakers like this one:

As for the music issue, the PSP will play MP3's but it doesn't use an internal HD like an Ipod. It uses Sony-style memory sticks (more expensive than SD memory cards for the equivalent memory) which come in a variety of sizes from 8MB to 2GB (2 gig runs you about $145!) You can convert movie files from DVD's to a format you can save to a memory card and watch on your PSP, or you can buy movies in the UMD format (though it's more expensive than a DVD and has fewer features.)

I was debating between the PSP and a Dell Axim pocket PC, the purchase price was roughly the same. The thing that made me choose the Pocket PC was that it was much cheaper to do the things I wanted to do with it (ie. watch movies, play cheap/free games, occasionally use the wireless internet, read books, etc.) Both the PSP and Pocket PC allow you to do these things, but it's cheaper on the PPC.

If you're a hard-core gamer who doesn't mind dropping $40-50 for a new game, the PSP is awesome. If you're looking for a multi-media device that will let you listen to music, watch movies, and maybe play some games, check out the Pocket PC options on Dell.com, or Ebay. Good luck.
Thanks Bluto I was kinda thinking the same thing. I'm not sure how much I would play the games yet. Does the PSP have a good variety of games out for it yet. I know thats killed a few gaming systems where they launch a new system then don't have enough games out fast enough. Anyone know about how much the PSP runs or how much an Ipod runs. As you can tell I haven't looked into it yet and I can't look into it for a while as I'm almost 1000 miles away from my car.
WalMart, Walmart, Walmart. Best prices, best selection on all MOVIES and games! Movies usually 14-21. Games 19-39. Usually $10 cheaper than anywhere else.On Occasion Target has good game prices, but Walmart has the best selection. If your watching movies - the battery will last over 2 movies. Gaming - you get a few hours plus a movie. As far as Mp3's - you have to upgrade your memory - it over 100 for a 1 G. All wires to transfer come with unit, all you might need is a $10 car charger. Cant go wrong.
Price-grabber.com says:
PSP: $209.00 - $399.99
Ipods vary from the shuffle (~$100) to the 20 GB version (around $210)

PSP games started very strong but have tapered off a bit recently. Probably a pre-holiday slump and there are many on the way. Sony will guarantee that there are games for it, since it is their baby.
I dead head all the time and my psp is a life saver. I only have 2 games now but watch a lot of movies. The screen is bright and beautiful and it does so many things.

It will play mp3's but like was said above you have to get a big memory stick because it only ships with a 32mb card. It uses a USB connection to hook up to a computer to d/l music and videos.The drawback is no playing mp3's while playing games.

Some people complain about the games but I am pretty happy with Hot Shots Golf and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories comes out in Oct and will be the killer app for the PSP.

My favorite part is the new web browser that works on wi-fi. It is cool to surf the net from your hotel room on layovers with wireless hi speed connections.

I say go for the PS over the ipod because it can do what an ipod does plus so much more.

Oh also, you don't have to take it out for security.
Ace McCoy said:
My favorite part is the new web browser that works on wi-fi. It is cool to surf the net from your hotel room on layovers with wireless hi speed connections.

Thanks Ace. So does the wi-fi part come with the PSP or do you have to buy a card? Sounds like the PSP does much more than I ever thought.

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