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Something for the CJC folks...


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Apr 11, 2006
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August 22, 2008

To My Fellow Colgan Pilots:

It was one year ago this week that we fell four votes short of electing ALPA as our collective bargaining representative. Over that past year, every one of us has faced a moment in which we had no one to call to help solve a problem with management, felt alone in our pursuit to build a sustainable lifestyle at Colgan or watched Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. make decisions affecting Colgan pilots without hearing our collective voice. Those moments have caused all of us to think repeatedly about the lost opportunities of last year.

We have already begun a new effort to secure ALPA as our bargaining representative. We believe that ALPA is the best possible collective bargaining representative for the pilots of Colgan Air. The resources that they can provide to us and their influence on all aspects of our industry make the choice clear.

Many of you have already seen various ALPA pamphlets and Authorization for Representation cards at your base, or spoken with an Organizing Committee volunteer about the drive. ALPA has pledged their total support for our efforts, but building the foundation for a successful election and a unified pilot group must begin with the efforts of Colgan pilots like you and me.

Those of us signed below, along with many others, have pledged our time and efforts to ensure that all of your questions about representation are answered. Please contact me or any of the OC members listed below if you have not received an Authorization for Representation card, have any questions about representation or ALPA, or would like to have materials sent to you. If you would like to assist in the drive, please let one of us know.

We will also be hosting informational events with ALPA pilot volunteers on Monday, August 25 in IAD and Tuesday, August 26 in IAH. We hope you can join us.

We encourage you to learn all you can about ALPA and the many roles it plays in our industry. And remember: It is OUR Careers, OUR Choice, OUR Union.

In unity,

Captain John Antoniades First Officer Charles Poston
Captain Mark Atchue Captain Mark Que
Captain Benjamin Bray Captain Vincent Rainaldo
Captain Scott Gates First Officer David Schwartz
Captain Matt Green Captain Mark Segaloff
First Officer Geoffrey Huppe Captain Michael Wheeler
First Officer Kyra Ko First Officer Mitchell White
Captain Matthew Malone First Officer Carla Widman
Captain Timothy Newkirk First Officer Todd Yero
Captain Barry Nomann Captain Rizwan Zahid
Captain Brian Oakes Captain Joe Zuffoletto
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Jun 27, 2005
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ALPA RULES don't let management screw with you any longer.

Hey NEW guys at the airline: You will be screwed if you don't vote yes. Not by your fellow pilots but by scheduling, pay and time off.

You once turned down the vote last year so you have paid the price.
Ask yourself, what has improved? What benefits have I gained by not getting representation? I will tell you this, YOU are only hurting yourself if you put ALPA down. I can say this because I don't even work for them any more. In fact I don't even fly.

Pay your BS dues and get a contract that will make your sit at the regional a bit more bearable since it looks like you will be sitting for a long time there.

Or, continue to believe the hallow promises and shady doings of a management team that does not care about you and only about the bottom line--$.

Remember you are a peg in the wheel and can be replaced, you are nothing special to them. Get ALPA and then you have LEGAL rights to things that should have already been installed in the system.

Good luck, fly safe and stick together because you and your fellow pilots are truly at odds with management. Don't believe anything else.

Former CJC Pilot


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Jan 31, 2004
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Oh Boy. 22 pilotos at CJC now have Bullseyes on their heads!


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Jan 13, 2005
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Lance air you are involved in this alpa thing now? With the mouse/vagina icon you have to change that for us to listen to you


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Apr 8, 2004
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Or you can email crewpay@colgan air for your MX and WX cancellations.

Which may or MAY NOT be approved.