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Some Questions???

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Well-known member
Mar 5, 2002
When you have a cfi certificate or any other certificate, what does it mean you have to be current? Do you have to take a test every month or something to keep your certificates? When you are a cfi is that PIC time? When you get your commercial and instrument certificates how do you get a commercial multiengine, commercial insrtument and so on? Do most college flight schools teach you your commercial multi and commercial inst.? I know i'm confusing but I really dont understand all this stuff. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks :D
To remain current or to carry passengers or a student you need to have 3 landing in the past 90 days, no tests. You do need to re-new the CFI certificate after 24 calender months. All instructing time is PIC time. You can get the comm. multi first it doesn't matter. The traditional method is private, inst., comm. single, comm. multi inst. You can get a private multi ticket with no inst. rating. Most all colleges and FBO's that offer flight training will teach you anything if you have money.
for commercial multi u'll have to take the check ride in the multi engine airplane. there r two differnent situations. one if ur doing the commercial first time in the multi and the second one is if ur doing it after doing commercial on the single. both the times u'll have to take the test in the multi to have the privilages but if u doing it as an add on after the single the hours requirement for the multi can be less. same with the instrument, u can do ur instrument checkride in the multi and get ur instrument multi rating. to keep current the commercial and carry passengers u'll have to do what ever jbird said. don't get so much confused start flying if u haven't and u'll get to know everything. its not that confusing. i hope this helps.....

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