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Some interesting DAL news

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Wastin' time...
Nov 26, 2001
Some of you may find this particular idea of Leo's interesting:

Management has no way to control its largest cost -- labor -- so Mullin suggested a new form of mandatory arbitration in which both labor and management present their best offer and a mediator picks one or the other without combining them. It's like the "last best offer" approach used by firefighter and police unions.

"From both a customer service and financial perspective, no airline today can weather a strike," he said. "Our industry must find a way to arrive at labor agreements that ceases to hold the customer hostage in the process."

Link to the article here: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=dal(The article is called " Delta's CEO lays out four-point plan")

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I think all executive compensation packages should go before arbitration on a yearly basis to evaluate bonuses. Then I might think about letting labor do this.
AMR proposed this same deal to us last August. We would get DAL +1 % pay rates immediately, if we agreed to this "baseball" style arbitration. APA said no way.

Interesting that DAL is now proposing it. There have also been bills introduced in both the Senate and the House that, if passed, would mandate this style of arbitration industry-wide.

Sounds like a concerted effort by management and their lobbyists to make an end run around the RLA.
If you look carefully at Leo's statement you will find a very important word missing. It is called EMPLOYEE! Nothing mentions that it would be good for the employee.

I say no more big fat checks for airline ceo's and everyone writes the members of the aviation committees in congress and shames them for accepting donations from the airline lobby groups!
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If this is such a good concept, then it should be equally applied to organized labor and management alike.

Somehow, I just don't believe Leo Mullin would like his compensation determined by a third party arbitrator. But, then again, Leo Mullin is a manager...not a leader.

This "proposal" is just one more example of how there are many managers within the airline industry, but comparatively few leaders. As a previous poster said, this is a poorly disguised attempt at an end run around the RLA.
I don't think he's looking for an end run around the RLA, but for a change in the RLA. It could happen!

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