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sole manipulator

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Nov 26, 2001
Im filling out one of these flight time charts, and for the first time i see a seperate column for just sole manipulator. There is also a column for PIC, SIC, so forth. My question is, do i have to seperate each flight by the actual time i was at the controls???? Does anyone log this kind of time. I mean, I instruct and log the flight as PIC, and flight instruction given, but i dont divide it additionally into a sole manipulator column. I hope I am making sense. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it...
My answer is no. I don't have that column in my logbook and have never been asked about that information on any application. The only thing similar that might be on an application would be something such as "number of night landings made as PIC". Basically, you will have to differentiate your flying among PIC, SIC, or Dual Recieved. It might be different for other airlines, but this is what I have experience. Hope this helps.

Yeah, thats what ive always dealt with, but this app. has that column. Its allegheny's application actually. I think i left that out.
Thanks for the help !

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