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so is this the beginning of the end???

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Feb 15, 2003
one look in the regionals section and it's all doom and gloom in there

comair to furlough
asa classes on hold
mesaba parking jets
bases closing

yo, YIP, what's up with the boom of 2007????

is this it?

shall my flying career end where it started? as a flight instructor...????:eek:
Never fear. PilotYIP will be here soon to reassure you all that the pilot boom of 2007 is right on track. Just be sure to heed his warning to not bother with the college degree. Otherwise, if you do get the degree, the hiring boom will pass you by...
If it is the end then I guess I'll have more time to devote to fixing up my old Jeep.

I wouldn't worry man, things like that are outta your hands and this industry changes faster than New England weather.

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