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Smoke Hoods, etc...??

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Gulfstream 200

Database Expert
Jan 21, 2002
Looking into new Smoke Hoods and EVAS (?) crew vision enhancement for smoke in cockpit....
anyone have suggestions or links to manufacturers sites??
We carry a set of the smoke hoods in our aircraft. I believe EVAS is the manufacturer but I would have to be sure. They are about the size of a soda can and you twist off the top and out pops a hood with a breathing filter on one end. it's mainly a breathing filter, not the new vision technology. I can get the info from the can if you want. I forget where we got them, we have had them for about a year or so.
thanks, yeah any info you had would be great, just looking for the best (?) smoke hoods availiable...owner wants a few in the rear of plane.
EVAS is the maker of the "vision assurance system" unit that became popular after Swissair accident in 98'. I finally found thier website and found some info on one for our A/C.
thanks for the info!

Our hoods are made by EVAC U 8 and my chief pilot tells me they are from Canada. They are not the latest and greatest but they are a breathing filter for smoke.

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