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Slovak authorities put real bomb components in 9 PAX bags in Dublin

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Remember when Tokyo hid cocaine (or some other drug) in pax luggage and forgot about it and pax got to their destination with a bunch of illegal drugs in their bags? If some of those pax had traveled through Singapore or Malaysia, they would have gotten the mandatory punishment of execution--and no, had that happened, Japan wouldn't have embarassed themselves by taking blame for the situation. Collateral damage.

Maybe these f**king a**holes should use their own luggage with their agents rather than hiding stuff in innocent people's luggage--considering the possible consequences.

I think the passengers should sue for considerable damages.
WHOO HOO! Free C4! Wonder if Skymall sells det cord or caps?

I guess I will think twice before traveling to that particular part of the world on an airliner.

Take the Loveboat.
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jesus cristo! I'm speechless. . .

Why, this can happen here just as easily with the PC going around....no one wants to do the "right thing" in this or the last or the one before that etc etc, admin they just want it to look good with the idiots in the line checking your underwear and shoes this stuff could get through I would bet 1-10 times at most any place and all the "body scanners in the world are not gonna change this. ONLY REAL security will! Not overpaid undereducated rent a cops (but they do have badges now feel safer don't you?)

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