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sleep apneia

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As good as it gets.
Feb 20, 2005
Anyone here diagnosed with sleep apnea who was able to subsequently maintain their medical? Did you lose your medical first to have to regain it?

How difficult is the process? How long did it take?
Here is a link to www.aviationmedicine.com about sleep apnea.

It does say that any diagnosis of sleep apnea is disqualifying. It also outlines the steps needed to regain you medical. I have no idea how long the process takes. Judging from my own experience with other medical issues and dealing with the FAA I would guess a minimum of 2 -4 months. Although there are some medical conditions that you must be symptom free for a minimum of 6 months before you can even apply for a reinstatement of your medical.


Good luck.
I was out three weeks, but I had my ducks in a row before I got officially diagnosed during the sleep study. But I was told that you really can't do it any faster than that and if you have any problems with the treatment or scheduling issues it can take quite a bit longer. Best bet is to look on aviationmedicine.com like the previous poster mentioned and just call one of the many guys that do expediting with the FAA. I think most will give you the first consultation for free and they can tell you all you need to know. I think it's pretty rare that you won't get back to work. You will have a special issuance only and will have to do follow up status reports every year.
looks like the Mesa CA out in HI will get his certs and job back.

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