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Sleep apnea and medical

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Well-known member
Dec 5, 2004
Just found out from the doc today that I have mild sleep apnea.... any significant implications for my medical? Does it make a difference whether or not I start using CPAP? I'd appreciate comments from anyone who's dealt with this.
Which doc? Real or FAA? Most of us have mild sleep apnia. Don't put it on your FAA medical unless you are either done flying or ready to spend some time and bucks getting an ok from OKC...TC
i have several buddies that have it, some worse than others. none put it on their medical and none that i know have had problems with that. they have also been very positive about using 'the machine'.
Warning to snorer's!

Don't even think about putting it on a medical! I did a sleep study 6 years ago in the Marine Corps and just got a letter threatening my medical about it. I wasn't even diagnosed as having sleep apnea after it was done and I have no idea how they got into a record that was sealed 3 years ago.

I think there is a serious witch hunt going on. The FAA was probably lobbied by the Mayo Clinic so they could cash in at their sleep center.


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