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SkyWest Q400's

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Heard there are two sitting in the hanger in Tuscon. Any truth to this?

My original post has been censored -- maybe because I was too close to the truth. I have been told to report the following:

No, it's not true. There are actually 6. We have 13 more in SLC and I hear that there are 8 more scattered around the northeast.

We're waiting for the next full moon and a super-secret message to be delivered before they are all compiled in Denver to unleash their fury all over Colorado and the intermountain West.
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You know, maybe this is true. Maybe Skywest is getting Q400's. Maybe a rumor on FI is actually true. Maybe some of you know more than everyone thinks you do.

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is for certain.

Mesa sucks.

Just make sure on the walk around that the wheels are attached.

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