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skywest poolies

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Dec 16, 2001
Are there any Skywest "poolies" here? There is a class Jan 2nd, and wondering if anyone got called. The class on the 30th is not running.
Just spoke with Camielle via e-mail this past week. She said the classes in jan. were originally sched. to have 35 people and they have been cut to 20. The end of jan class may be canceled like you said.

They told our interview class to plan on a Feb. start date, but looking at the reduction in class sizes, i'm guessing maybe March?

Looks like 2000 all over again.....oh well.:eek:


PS- is it true there are still poolies from last years' fiasco waiting for a class??:confused:
When did you interview? I interviewed in mid September, and they told me late Nov. for a class. I don't think that there are any "poolies" left from last year. Unless they held out for the Jet.
I was told that I was to be in the second class of the year (if and when there is one) by Ashley. That was approximately 2 months ago. I interviewed on 02 Oct. Maybe we could start a SkyWest pool list. Any ideas?

We should start a "pool" list. It might give us all an idea when we might get called. I recieved an email from Ashley today saying that she still needed to hear from a couple of more people for the Jan 2nd class.
I emailed Ashley and she confirmed that there will be only one new hire class next month and one sometime in February. She also confirmed that there will only be 20 per class and that the max has never been more than 30.

Welcome to SkyWest, you are going to love it. Before you get to class make sure you know your limitations cold. And learn some time managment skills. The last class had a little trouble. I herd they lost two in ground school for failing the systems test(79, need an 80%) and 1 left for personal reasons. Another had trouble in FTD and washed out(herd he couldn't speak english very well.) and three or four needed more time in the SIM. Come prepared ready to learn and soak it all up. Whats neat now is you have spent all these years competeing with the guy next to you. To make it through groundschool, drop that attitude and use each other to get thhrough. Trust me they need all 20 of you, they wont you to make it through, just do your part. email me if you have any more questions. Its a great time to be at SkyWest. Have you checked our route map lately?? We are going to add 3 daily trips in the RJ from LAX to CO Springs and something like 20 flights a day LAX-SAN. United is getting rid of the Shuttle and letting us have some routes.
My next door neighbor is a check airmen/inst on th RJ at SKW. He told me that the main hold-up appears to be the sim. They just unloaded RJ sim #2 last week and he said that it will take about a month to set up/certify. After that, SKW will start cranking through all of the transition pilots from the E-120 and that should free up more class space for more new hires.

I interviewed the last part of Nov and was told a mid/end feb class but I'm not holding my breath. Any other info you guys want to share would be great.



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