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SkyWest Pool rumor

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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
I heard from a friend of mine who is in the September new hire class that her class will drain the pool and that the next 2 classes will have to be from new interviews. I thought that there were still 60 in the pool and with 3 classes of 20 for this year, they wouldn't get to new people until next year. Anyone know the deal?
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I am not sure about the pool status, however, it seems that there will be more likely 120 new hires this year, with about half going into the jet. I was also told that they were going to start interviewing in Sept. Good Luck
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Just to add to the rumor mill...
Interviewing has resumed come September (I know a guy who is scheduled).
The pool will be drained after the next couple of classes (info from a current SkyWest RJ captain).
Interviews have been from the Portland and Salt Lake open house guys, the LA open house guys should be next (from the same RJ captain). This last one I have my doubts about but I thought I should put it out there.
I received my "you passed the written exams" and "will be called for an interview" letter back in March. I have not heard a peep since then. Anyone from the LA open house interviewed yet?
Anyone have any other info regarding SkyWest and draining the "hot tub" aka the open house pilots waiting to get into the pool?
Thanks in advance!
still swimming

I was placed in pool after 5/1 interview and have not gotten
the call yet, my life jacket is becoming less bouyant and rations
are running low! I can feel it though, spoke to human resources
last friday and they told me I should hear back in the "next month" hmmmmmm ? :)
I'm treading water in the deep end as well! Was at the pdx open house and recieved the letter!! Arms are getting tired hope they call soon!!!!!!
A buddy was in the LA fair, got a letter in March saying he passed the test and got a call yesterday to interview. Hope that helps keep you all afloat.

What were your buddies times like? I'm wondering if they started interviewing the highest time applicants, although that's not always the case, how far down the list they are.

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