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SkyWest Pilots

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New Bus driver
Nov 26, 2001
Just wanted to commend the crew of the SkyWest flight from Dallas to Colorado Springs this morning!

My wife flew there to visit some family with our daughter. It was her first time flying (our daughter). My wife said the flight was great, but the best part came after they parked in COS.

With all of the crud my wife had brought onboard for the baby (car seat...or would it be plane seat... either way, diaper bag, and a wiggling crying baby) plus her own small bag she had to wait to get off after everyone else was off. Noticing all of the stuff she had with her the Captain actually offered to carry some of the stuff to help her out. It made me really proud to know that there are people in this industry who really will try to help out when someone needs help. I know of many pilots that would have looked the other way and acted busy just to not have to help out a "passenger."

So, to those who help when needed... Thank you.
And to the pilots this morning... Thank you very much!!!
I used to do stuff like that often when I flew the Brasilia for SkyWest. I'm sure everyone at SkyWest appreciates the nice comments you have made on this board. Now, if you really want it to count for the Captain, write a similar letter to SkyWest Airlines corporate office. Try this:

Attn: VP of Flight Operations
SkyWest Airlines
444 S. River Rd.
St. George, UT 84790

No need to have the Captain's name, just give the date, flight number and city pairs. They'll know who it is.

It will be a nice gesture. BTW, I never got one of those nice letters from a passenger, but that's not why one performs good deeds.


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Thanks for that address. I'll have to get the flight number from my wife and send one in. And i definately agree that a good letter from a passenger is not why one does good deeds.

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