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Skywest open house at PDX

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Wasatch CFI

Katana Conquistador
Feb 21, 2002
Anyone attend the open house today in PDX? How was it, and what was said regarding hiring.

Is it possible to take the test without attending the open house?
was curious what exactly is the skywest open house? is it a pre-interview to be consider for a real interview? do you have to get selected to go to one to get an interview at skywest.. was just curious, i have applied online to skywest like 5,000 other pilots but keep hearing about people going to these open houses..thanks
I attended the PDX open house and found it to be pretty good.
Approx. 200 pilots at least, just like SLC and LAX. They still plan on hiring at least 200 along with the 80 already in the pool. There is a class at the end of this month and they plan one in April and May and they will be caught up. There was a question about whether the test could be taken at another time. Either you took it at the open house, or plan on waiting a long time. They figured that out of the 3 open houses, there would be at least 500 or more applicants who took the writtens. I am under the understanding that anyone who met the minimums and took the tests and passed have priority over anyone who just submits a resume online without attending an open house. It doesn't look like there will be any more open houses this year like this. I am sure that the applicants who attended the open houses and possibly get called for the remainder of the interview process will eat up the majority the 200 pilots this year. They are taking 18 CRJ deliveries this year (down from the original 26, cutbacks at Bombardier) and 36 next year. Do the math, 36 aircraft@5 crews per aircraft, that will be close to 400 pilots next year. It does look promising, but the whole industry needs to improve as well. As far as my chances for getting hired there, it will take the best day of my entire life. Never know though. Good luck!
Capt Buzzard

You have thought this through, haven't you.

I was cramming numbers with a few open house attendees and we arrived at the conclusion that you so adroitly met.

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