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SkyWest Moms to clean planes.

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I can maybe see employees helping out a bit, but not their parents......Stupid. They worked hard enough raising you to be a good employee. If the Stews can't handle it, raise the pay and find some that can. What is the difference when there are 50 revenue passengers and 50 non revs? I guess the stews would rather have all non revs so she can do NOTHING. I bet our Delta old a$$ stews would LOVE to have your SkyWest "rules"----they would sit back and laugh, just like they do enroute.

Bye Bye--General Lee
As a J/S 'er or non rev, I will make sure I pickup behind myself and cross my seatbelt, stop by the flight deck and thank the crew AGAIN on the way off the airplane, (just as I do coming on board) It is appreciated....I never told my parents to clean a cabin though, maybe bake some cookies, that Might help......Lame thread, agreed
Oh, we are so lucky to have the wisdom of a 'captain' the eminence of Crashpad so as to regale us with his flights of fancy, however: 1) it's not SkyWest policy, nor rules as GL paraphrased (misguided though it is); 2) it's appreciated on SkyWest airplanes, and I've never heard any internal mention of doing it on a mainline (from anybody in the company); 3) perhaps the new guy's mom misunderstood the intent or the message was relayed in a not-so-clear manner. Nonetheless, for one who spouts about professionalism and education, your example of restituion, punishment and to a lesser extent your grammar (et al.), speak more to your credibility than your faux profile. Curious--how would you ensure the 'peachfuzz waffleheads' stick around and clean your plane post facto--talk about something that would lead you to your Chief's office regarding ethical malbehavior. Does it feel good to rip on other pilots--or just make stuff up--just to have people join your lack-of-anyhting-useful gala?

I'll be doing ORD to CMH, DAY, & DSM all week--you're more than welcome to come find this in our 'rulebook/policy manual' (I'll lend you anything you need to make your point valid) and I, nor likely others, would neither ask you to help with belts nor expect it. While I do call onto the carpet SKYW folks who are deadheading for not participating in the belt party--I've never questioned not-on-the-clock non-revs. Nonetheless, your imagination is impressive.

The larger question regarding expectations of non-revs may be valid, but your specifc point is without merit, and honestly, your fancy is weak.
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acaTerry said:
Apparently, so is an education. Most 2nd grade students can spell that.

I fixed it. Do you feel like a big man for being the 2nd person to find my spelling error?

As others have mentioned, cleaning the cabin is more of a favor to the FA's than anything else. It would be nice to help them out a little and help clean up or fold seatbelts on your way out.
KO King said:
Who said it was priviledge....dummy??? Not me....fact of the matter is I will not tell my parents to help out just because they non rev'd. They did enough to help me get to this point. If you dont agree with me I dont give a $hit. When I non rev I always help out but I am not going to make my parents cross seat belts....ridiculous. We will have to agree to disagree!

Not you Viking said that Dummy!!
Superpilot92 said:
Not you Viking said that Dummy!!
Who is Viking?

And why do people who can't spell privilege call each other "dummy"?

I'm gonna go back to listening to the neighborhood 5-yr-olds argue about which car is faster so I can get a break from this silliness.

Since I'm already here ... Anybody who would expect a Mom to cross seatbelts and collect trash has NO respect, no SELF-Respect. I would be embarrassed to see such a sight. Good grief. :rolleyes:

viper548 said:
Do you think it is her god given right to ride for free? It's a privilege, and to show a little gratitude SkyWest non-revs help fold seatbelts and pick up loose trash in the cabin.

Sorry i meant viper!!
I think it is a professional courtsey to keep YOUR seat clean when non reving and not make a mess. I personaly make sure my seat is clear of any trash and the seat belt is crossed, but this is just my way of thanking the CREW for the ride.

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