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Skywest Mechanical Gouge

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New member
Nov 27, 2001
I am looking for information on the Skywest Mechanical Gouge if anyone may know a good place to seek out such information... Thanks

a little gouge....

as i remember....
10 questions, all multiple choice. most were easy, however one or two were not. simple pulley and cog systems ( i.e. which way does cog 'c' turn?) volume questions (i.e. which holds more liquid, a cylinder, rectangle, etc...) and the stumper for me was a simple hydraulic piston type question, in which none of the answers seemed correct. i think you can get 3 wrong and still pass.
hope this helps...... camielle is a super nice lady, good luck! -sr.
If they're giving the same test then one of the questions is impossible if you think about it too much, so don't. It's not too difficult. Just remember to go back through and rethink each one, it's easy to make stupid mistakes. Skywest is a great place to be. Be sure a get some sim time.

Air Inc. sells a book called Airline Pilot's Test Guide or something like that. It has many tests that all the airlines give including the mech test. It's $40 and you don't have to be a member. Just call em up and order it.
If they haven't changed the test in the past two years, Air Incs. book had five or six of the same questions that Skywest uses. The tentative training schedule for next year calls for 400 new hires. Good Luck

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