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Skywest jumpseat question???

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Well-known member
Sep 24, 2002
Hey guys,

First I want to say thank you for getting me home week-in and week-out! very much appreciated and I hope you are being treated the same at Southwest.

On my commute I frequently run across another jumpseat rider who is a flight Dispatcher from an off line airline. He is a great guy just going to work or going home just like me. So far we haven't had trouble getting on the same flights with enough empty seats available. But, I want to know what to expect when it comes down to who gets the jumpseat on a full flight. Is it first come, first serve, or do offline pilots have a priority over off line dispatchers?

Again thanks for the rides!
This is the current order of priority:

SKYW Pilots
ASA Pilots
UA/DL and UAX/DLC pilots
OAL pilots
If you're ever in the heat of the moment trying to figure it out, the skywest crews are given that order of priority as the last page of the release for each flight... So it should be pretty cut and dry. Thanks WN guys and gals for being awesome at helping commuters.

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