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Skywest Interview

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Registered Gorer
Jul 7, 2004
Was fortunate enough to interview Oct 4 with Skywest. Does anyone know how long it took to get (or not get) an offer of employment? I figure I should give 'em another week before I call and ask, but thought someone might know...

Also, our group was told they were interviewing for a pool. Has that changed or are there no more classes for this year?

Thanks for any info,

Latest new from on high is that there are no more classes of any kind for this year. We're waiting to see what Delta wants to do with their schedules and United is talking about shrinking our Brasilia flying.

As soon as we hear anything, this could change, though at our current scheduled deliveries, we are being told we're pretty well-staffed except for EMB Captains. Good luck.

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