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SkyWest Interview

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New member
May 10, 2002
Does anyone have any good information on SkyWest interviews besides aviationinterviews.com...Thanks
Know your AIM, WX and Jepps. Also know your airplane, not Vspeeds, but the systems and engines. They are hiring Captains, so be one in your sim check. If you haven't already check, skywestpilot.com

hope this helps
Any suggestions on getting an interview. I have been trying to get one with Skywest for a while now but no luck. Any advice would be appreciated.
Did you attend one of the referal fairs in March? If so, just be patient. That's about all you can do. If you didn't attend one of the fairs it's probably going to be a long time before you get a chance to interview.

Get some sim time! I've heard too many stories of people blowing the sim ride because they hadn't been in an old grind and whirrr sim in a few years. They use an ATC-810. Best of luck.

I went to the PDX fair and never heard back on whether or not I passed the writtens. I e-mailed Camille 3 weeks ago and got a response 2 weeks ago that there were a stack of unsent letters, or results from the tests and not to worry. It's been 2 weeks and I am starting to wonder if my things got lost. I am being patient with all of the interviewing they are doing and I know that Camille has go back to St. George frequently so she is probably extremely busy. Hopefully soon I will at least hear some news.
Message for Andy Neil

Hi Andy,

I attended the PDX fair a few months ago, and took both exams. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the small mx aptitude test. Do you know of a source where I can find some study gouge in this area? I emailed Camille about my frustration, and I will probably try again with Skywest in October. But in the meantime, I'm interviewing with Aloha/Island Air next week, and just in case they have the same test, I want to ace it this time. If anyone else reading this post in addition to Andy can help it would be appreciated.

Thank's guys...

Your friend,

Hi Andy,

I could'nt find it on Amazon via that address. Do you know the title and author? There seems to be alot of mechanical aptitude books there. But I don't know which one would be relevant for pilots.

Thanks buddy,

Arco Mechanical Aptitude & Spacial Relations Tests (Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Tests, 5th Ed)
by Joan U. Levy, Norman Levy

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