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Skywest Interview

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Mar 1, 2002
Hello out there,

I have been called for and interview at SkyWest on 5/1 and
was wondering if anyone has any info about their recent interview
experience...what approach did you shoot in sim and flight profile.
Curious about hr q's and technical q's. any other info you might
have would be greatly appreciated.

I am pretty low on time- considering the talent that showed up
at the open house! Although I have a good amount of multi, I am
kind of stunned I already got called. So any of you guys out there
with the tt close to the min's this is a good sign that SkyWest is
not just looking at tt.

Pray 4 me, thx jopilot
Know the AIM and your Jepps. Also know your aircraft. And also be ready to talk alot about weather. Icing, thunderstorms, and wind shear. It might not hurt to look at Trenton and Teeterboro NJ approaches.

I was one of the first to interview after the open houses, I am flying pt 121 and have 1600 tt 1100 turbine and 1400multi so not a lot of time but some quality, anyway, I crashed and burned so to speak, the published holds were right turns and they cleared me for left hand turns. needless to say which way I went. The approach is simply an ils with no emergencies. There is no pressure, they are all laid back and very nice. My ego was bruised but I'll get over it. best of luck to the rest of you. Know your aim and opspecs! Oh yea out of the 8-10 guys we had in for the interview, at least half of us washed. If you're used to flying a sim that has the steam guages you should have no problem.

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