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Skywest Info

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Dec 8, 2001
Anyone out there that can give an update on Skywest. Are they hiring? Is there a pool? How long is the wait once made an offer to class date?

Those who were in the April 24th class had interviewed in November 2001. Interviews have been conducted as recently as two weeks ago. Classes have been suspended for a month or two due to a slowdown in CRJ deliveries.

A good interview to class window is between 2-5 months. Most of those being interviewed were among the 500 pilot applicants that attended the three SkyWest job fairs in March.
Can somebody give me an idea if they are still calling people for interviews that went to the job fairs. I went to the PDX fair and passed the tests. Just waiting paitently for that call;)
I went to the pdx fair and am certain I passed the tests, but unfortunately never found out. I would think that the strike at Bombardier slowed things down. I can't think that all that they have interviewed all of the people yet. I wish I would've even found out about the tests. Good luck to anyone who is still going to be interviewed.
Is Bombardier still on strike? The only press releases I can find are from early May indicating the end was almost here.


Have you emailed Camille?


Found a house yet :D
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The Bombardier strike is settled (took about three weeks I believe) and the clients appear to have their revised delivery schedules.
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There was a pool there at SGU last I overflew it, but the water'd been drained out and kids were using it for skateboarding.

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