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Skywest info?

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Don't hit my switches!
Apr 25, 2002
Was wondering if anyone has recieved a call from Skywest lately? Seems like there was a lot of action over there for a while, then things got quiet. (Too quiet!)
Interviews have been taking place at SkyWest for the past two weeks. Most are from the job fairs held in March.

A class is currently in session with another still planned for later this month.
Thanks Mr. Neill. I know all of us Skywest hopefuls appreciate all of the help and info you give us. I attended the LAX fair and there they said that Skywest was planning to hire about 200 this year. With all of the interviews of the past 2 weeks, and the ones I am sure are scheduled for the next 2, I was wondering how that number is being revised. How many people have been offered a position? Also, what about the scheduling of any more interviews? Thanks again for any info and keeping us "in the loop."
May Class

Any word as of yet how many pilots will be in the May class? I know April was a small class and was curious if May would be the same.

Please call me Andy.
MY guess has been around 120 this year beyond what we already have in the pool. That would be close to the 200 figure given at the fairs. I don't have a reason a change my estimate yet.

I expect the May class will be small like the April class.
Andy-- Do you know the total from the fairs that took the tests and passed? Thanks.

Interviewed yesterday, pretty stressful but I think it went
as well as it could of. I think about 4 out of 8 of us were
successful but won't know anything until next week.

As of yesterday there were about 40 left in the pool and
they plan on a class of about 20-25 late in may, so they are
hiring at the same rate of training (16-20 a month)
seems about like their hiring rate as well. They are being
selective and from what I can tell the interview process
is a little more intense than it was a year ago. But it
is a pass with 70% and your in promise and is definately

Jim Healy(Chief Pilot) mentioned yesterday that SkyWest plans
on hiring 120-200 pilots this year with at least that many
to follow next year.

It was also mentioned that over 500 people took the written
tests at the open houses and "a high percetage passed". I am
not sure how they are selecting people to interview because
yesterday there was me and others with tt hours from 1100-
4200! They are not necessarily only looking at test scores, tt,
or anything else, just for competent and confident people.

What a stressful day! Hope this helps your hopes out there, SkyWest is still hiring!!!

Well he could have been anything he wanted
yesterday as far as I was concerned if you
know what I mean? C U J.P.
jopilot, would you care to share your experience with us at aviationinterviews.com .. Thanks

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